Colorado wildlife are in trouble!

Print As mentioned on RMPBS, Colorado wildlife are in trouble. Only a few licensed rehab facilities and rehabbers exist in Colorado who can help sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife. Moreover, these facilities including EWRC are donation-supported and receive no government funding.

In the Denver area a large facility shut its doors in 2014, another in 2015, a third one in 2016. EWRC may have to shut down if we can’t achieve our fundraising goals. The resulting load could mean Second Chance in Pueblo would have to shut their doors in 2017.

This means thousands of wildlife each year will have no place to go and will be left to die or people will try to care for them themselves which is illegal and poses a human health risk. DONATE NOW to EWRC or mail your check to: EWRC, PO Box 75069, Colorado Springs, CO 80970
For more information on ways to help wildlife, click here.



Ellicott Wildlife is an all-volunteer non-profit relying on donations. Please help us help injured, sick and orphaned wildlife by donating.

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aurora pine squirrels-1

HOW TO HELP BABY SQUIRRELS. First try to put them back in their nest.

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