Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center provides compassionate care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild birds and mammals in Colorado for the purposes of release and education.

Our vision is to reduce suffering for all animals, wild and in captivity, and to educate people so they may be responsible animal and environmental caretakers and stewards. Our wish is that no wild bird or small mammal in need of care will be turned away from EWRC.



EWRC will be closed for maintenance until August 12, 2014. Do not leave animals needing help at the Ellicott center. For songbirds, contact 392-7122. For raptors (hawks, etc), contact 392-7122 or 719-549-2327 (Pueblo Raptor Center). For squirrels or raccoons, contact … Continue reading

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Ellicott Wildlife thanks El Pomar Foundation for their generous grant to help Colorado’s wildlife in rehabilitation at EWRC. The donation will help the many wild species that are injured, sick, or orphaned brought to EWRC for help in healing or … Continue reading

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