What Can a Tree Company Do For You?

A tree service company is responsible for doing a lot of work. They care for trees and know how to prune, trim, secure broken branches and diagnose plant diseases. The workers of a tree care company are trained to perform tasks related to the care and maintenance of trees.

I spoke with WNY Tree Services of Rochester and they told us a few things a tree service company does. Listed below:

Hazardous tree removal

Removing hazardous trees is a common part of the job of a professional tree service company. You are always at risk if there is a large tree close to your home. A professional tree company can tell you if you should cut down the tree or not.

Land and lot clearing

You should turn to a tree service company when you notice that your property needs to be cleared. People hire tree service companies because the trained crews can ensure safety, undertake construction projects, and add a good look to an untended property.

Planting trees

Good tree service companies have enough knowledge and experience in the development and growth of trees. They plant trees that eventually lead to increased oxygen in the air. Environmentally conscious people hire tree service companies because the experienced workers know what types of trees are suitable for your house.

Stump clearing

When there are stumps in a lot, you should make a decision to clear them because they are taking up your valuable yard space. Your yard is also becoming less safe. In a situation like this, calling a tree service company is a good decision because they can do the job professionally.


If there are too many branches in a tree, sufficient sunlight can not reach the interior branches. Insufficient sunlight can result in an increased rate of dead wood. The tree becomes more prone to diseases. Professional tree service companies handle the issue by thinning out the tree.

Plant health care

Trees are considered as one of the great natural resources because they can literally change the atmosphere. If you spend some money for your property’s plant life, you make your contribution to a healthier future. A tree service company knows a lot about the health and longevity of plants. By taking care of your trees, an experienced crew can make your home and its surroundings more vibrant with healthy trees.

Pruning and trimming

When your trees overgrow and have unwanted, dead branches, you can hire a professional tree service company for trimming and pruning. They can make the surroundings of your house look neat and clean.

When you look for a company, choose one that has enough experience in providing most of the services described above. Taking care of trees requires a lot more time than most people estimate. Get the job done by the people who know what they are really doing.

What to Ask a Cleaning Company Before You Hire Them

What to Ask a Cleaning Company Before You Hire Them

It’s always nerve wracking to invite someone you don’t know to your house. How many people are coming? what will they do? Should I stay? Etc. If you’re not confident about these things, here are some things you can ask your cleaning company, just so you know you’ll be safe with everything.

Are you licensed and insured?

If you’re worried about any mishaps that might break something in your home, ask them if their cleaners are licensed and insured. This means you’ll get a reimbursement if something happens. You can also ask for a Certificate of Liability Insurance, in case you don’t trust them.

Where is the contract?

Be sure to ask for the cleaning contract, so that you can try and show them to legal savvy friends and be sure all things are detailed. Having a third party go over the contract for any red flags is of great help.

Who will be cleaning?

Ask if the personnel are going to remain the same, or if a visitor will be the one in charge of ensuring that your house is cleaned. If the same person comes every time it will assure consistent results, and that you’ll be able to specify what you want to be cleaned and how.

Who provides equipment and cleaners?

Know whether they are going to use their equipment and supplies, or, in case you want, you may ask them to use the cleaning products that you prefer to be used on your home. If they’ll be using something that is yours, ask what’s going to happen in case they break it, whether they’ll replace it, repair it, or force you to fix it up. If you want a more eco-friendly cleaning experience, you may need to provide the products or have to pay an extra fee for that. You should also ask about what their specialties are, as some companies only do certain things. If they clean floors for instance, you should ask what their methods are and what equipment they use. You can even ask things like what the benefits of using a vacuum cleaner are.

How do I identify you?

They way they’ll arrive is also something you should worry about. Cleaning companies don’t always have a way to easily identify them thanks to their logos, so ask ahead how you’re going to be able to tell if those people knocking on your door really are from the cleaning company. Having a way to clearly tell them apart gives you the security that they’re the ones you hired, and will also avoid having your neighbors call the police out of concern for strange men entering your house.

What is the cost?

Lastly, and most importantly, ask about the fee. Make sure it’s a set fee so that you won’t see any unexpected numbers later on ahead. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, ask if there is going to be some kind of fee change due to seasonal services.

Benefits of Using a Moving Company

Why it is Beneficial to Use a Moving Company

There is something attractive to doing things by yourself, it brings the gratification of a job well done. But it is not always so easy, because there is also the huge issue of inexperience when you begin something, meaning your efforts could go to waste. Moving is one of those moments where experience trumps initiative, and we’ll explain why a moving company is more viable than doing things yourself.

Movers Know What They’re Doing

Did you know that there are specialized moving techniques? Movers are masters of these, meaning that everything is going to be properly packed and completely safe during the travels, thanks to their years of experience. There are also certain valuables that can’t just be treated in the same way everything else is done, such as sensitive electronics or glass items, which movers have plenty of experience dealing with. Lastly is the fact that they’re just outright more efficient, speeding up the process and utilizing every inch of the moving space, helping you save money. I have personally used nicksmovingcompany.com before, and they made my whole experience much easier. In fact, when I compare that experience to when I tried to move myself a few years prior, the difference was night and day.

Movers Have the Right Equipment

It’s also essential to remember what you’re going to be using for the moving, sadly that old cardboard box won’t keep everything safe. Thankfully, professionals are equipped with new bubble wrap, moving boxes, etc., that will help bring maximum protection to your goods. While your van can definitely help out, movers already have the correct kind of vehicle in their garage for your movement, so you won’t even have to think about transportation. Certain objects are too heavy and may require additional tools to dismantle or to put them in the truck, and movers are always equipped with the necessary accessories, be them moving pads or cranes.

Movers Save You Time

Moving will never be quick or tension free, and getting that extra hour in the day will help you out in the long run like you have no idea. All of the annoying things, such as carrying the really heavy stuff out of your house, will be taken care of by them, meaning you can focus on more pressing issues during the move. There are many services that you can use that will help you move, like reassembly of furniture and servicing, which will make things a lot more convenient.

Movers Get the Job Done Right

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you won’t worry about things breaking. Moving companies usually have some kind of insurance and are liable for broken objects, meaning the will do their absolute best to keep everything in proper shape. 

Hopefully, you’ve reconsidered, and are thinking about hiring a mover now. Let’s face it, you already have enough things on your mind during the move, so don’t throw away a helping hand. Read more moving tips over on Lerablog!

Picking the Right Snow Blower – What You Need to Know

Types of Snow Blowers and How to Choose the Right One

Knowing the average amount of snowfall in your region is your first step in shopping between the types of snow blowers and how to choose the right one. Next your region’s snow type can range from light and fluffy to wet and heavy. Finally surface width comes into play – is it your sidewalk or entire driveway that needs cleared? And if it’s built on a hill, are treds required? From least to heaviest duty below are 4 types of snow blowers and what you need to know about them. For more in-depth information on specific models and reviews, you can find the best snow blowers here.


For the everyman with a small to medium sized driveway and sidewalk, the electric snow blower has a wide range of sizes from 12 to 21 inches. Do not count on clearing tall build ups, you will need gas power for that. Use them on your deck or roof where more cumbersome blowers cannot reach. Avoid hills and only use on paved surfaces. Little maintenance besides cleaning is required, and to operate all you need is two hands and a long enough extension cord. Capable of throwing snow up to 30 feet.


If your region has heavier snow – not fine but fluffy flakes – the single stage gas powered snowblower is for you. Its clearing width is around 19-21 inches, with a limiting height factor of 12 inches. Like the electric, the single stage is made only for paved surfaces. For gravel driveways, taller build ups, or heavier snow consider a two or three stage snow blower. Capable of throwing snow up to 35 feet.


For heavy snow mixed with water, the two-stage clears usually between 20 to 45 inches. Caution should be used when operating. The blower’s face is open wide with a circulating helical bit called an auger that scoops snow and ice. These types have treds allowing operation on hilly surfaces. It can be operated on gravel as well as paved surfaces. Generally they can tackle up to 23.5 inches of snow and will throw it up to 50 feet.


With two stainless steel augers and an accelerator, this is the most powerful snow blower on the market. It is able to handle chunks of ice and snow left by plows in a 24 to 28 inch path, and handles up to 21 inches of snowfall throwing it 50 feet.

Among these types of snow blowers, how to choose the right one comes down to the type of snow, how high it has built up, and the width of the surface you need to clear.

DIY Easy Mold Removal Tips

Do-It-Yourself Mold Removal Made Easy

Everybody knows that mold, in all of its hindering glory, has not only been notorious for partaking in negative effects on your health, but it has also been known to blacken the grout lines in showers, cause discoloration in drywall, leave pronounced black spots on sidings, and is disreputable for rotting damp wood. That is why this DIY article might just help you in the long run to save your health and your home.

Surface Mold

When dealing with surface molds, you should first begin by ridding the surface of mold by soaking the bleach in the scrub brush and then cleaning the mildew from the walls. Once you have established this, then the next step in the cleaning process would be to clean the areas where surface molds are most prominent at least once a week as to prevent mildew from resurfacing. According to this Buffalo mold removal company however, if you notice significant mold in your property, you should call a professional company to come inspect it instead of trying to handle it yourself.

Material Mold

Going about this procedure is a bit tricky, especially when it involves molded material (such as cushions or insulation). It is best to begin by removing the material with a utility knife, once this is done it is important to then double wrap the material in plastic and tape it with duct tape before disposing of the damaged item.

Moldy Walls

You should begin this process by prying off the baseboard and trim. You can use a screwdriver to assist you in discovering the damages that have been caused by the mold spores. It is important that you open up the walls to get rid of the festering mold that has grown within them.

Once you have cleared out the damaged drywall, you should begin the cleaning process. Start with a standard wet/dry vacuum, and then begin scrubbing the tainted surface with your scrub brush and cleaning solution. After you have finished this, you should wipe the surface, but do NOT wash the treated surface. Once you have gone about all of this, you should wait three days before setting the area with a primer, as it is important that you ensure that the mold is completely gone before going about this process. Toxic Mold USA advise that when in doubt, you should usually just go ahead and call a pro anyway.

Precautionary Measures

First off, it is important that you use clothes that can be discarded after the cleanup, and to equip yourself with both gloves and a face mask that will prevent you from coming in contact with the chemicals from the cleaner and the untreated mildew. Also, make sure that you have equipped yourself with a cleaning solution such as bleach (1 to 8 bleach to water solution) and a scrub brush to wipe away the mold. Once you have acquired these instruments, then it is time to get down and dirty.

The Beginning

The beginning of something amazing…

Hey Ya’ll!

My name is Vanessa and I’m the face behind the blog! This is my first post so I won’t go into anything too in-depth here (just starting this all up right now), but I’ll give you some basic information about me just on the off chance that anyone is reading this.

As you probably got already, my name is Vanessa, and the purpose of this blog is to discuss my passions. To really get what those are though, we’ll have to go into a bit of backstory, so strap in, get ready, and here we go!

The start

I was born in Ellicottville, NY (where I spent most of my childhood) and moved out to Amherst when I was 15. Since then, I have lived in and around Buffalo, graduated from the University of Buffalo (UB), and have pursued a career as a veterinarian and serial DIY home improvement enthusiast.

I live out in Williamsville now, and am looking at starting a family potentially (right now it’s just me and my cat – Mittens). I absolutely love the Buffalo area, and will be blogging about all sorts of stuff related to Western New York.

From home improvement tips, to fun restaurants and great bars, I’ll be covering everything here!

The end (but not really)

Sorry this post is super short, but like I said, I want to save the detailed stuff for content later on!

I plan on building out this site to make it look much better, so please don’t be put off by that (it’s my latest DIY project)!

Looking forward to connecting with some great people and sharing my thoughts and inspirations with the world!