You Can Help the Bluebirds

People are always asking us what they can do that makes a “real” difference in helping wildlife in their own back yard.  There are many, many things you can do.  How about helping the bluebirds this year?  You can help them by building and hanging a bluebird nesting box (plans and specs available online.)  Make sure your bluebird box has a metal baffle around it to protect it from predators, particularly cats, coons, and skunks.  Additionally, you can help them by hanging up a mealworm feeder.  Once their babies hatch, the bluebirds are run literally to exhaustion trying to catch bugs to feed their babies.  You can make their lives easier by hanging up a mealworm feeder.  Mealies can be bought cheaper in bulk by online vendors, such as Sunshine Mealworms.  Another thing you can do to help the birds is to offer them a bird bath.  The bird bath needs to be kept in or very near the bushes or under a tree, to protect the birds from flying predators like kestrels and hawks.  Keep the bird bath clean and full.