About Us

Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center provides compassionate care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild birds and mammals in Colorado for the purposes of release and education.

Our vision is to reduce suffering for all animals, wild and in captivity, and to educate people so they may be responsible animal and environmental caretakers and stewards. Our wish is that no wild bird or small mammal in need of care will be turned away from EWRC.

See our list of Wildlife Partners (donors) who help us carry out our mission.

We founded EWRC because we felt could do a better job caring for animals by sharing knowledge, experience, and facilities. EWRC moved from Littleton to Ellicott, Colorado, in order to have space needed to properly care for animals. Organized and incorporated in May 2002, EWRC received IRS nonprofit status in May 2003. We have been able to add steadily to our outdoor facilities, despite severe financial constraints, along with the increasing need for animal rehabilitation.

For more information on how EWRC operates, visit our FAQ Page.

The founder and president of Ellicott Wildlife, Donna Ralph, has published several books. “Critter Chronicles” includes poignant stories of the critters that have needed the help and care of the rehabilitators of the Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Her latest book “Beginning Wildlife Rehab” will help you decide if becoming a wildlife rehabilitator is right for you.

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase goes to help support EWRC. You can order your copy of these books from:

Copies are also available at the Pikes Peak Library District

Our Board of Directors:

President: Donna Ralph

Vice President: Phillip Carberry

Secretary: Tracy Burciago

Treasurer: Kris Wagner

Public Relations Director: Lynn Riester

Board Member:  Louise Conner

The Board of Directors meets twice a year, in March and September. These meetings are open to the public. Dates, time and location will be posted on this site.