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Ellicott Wildlife Rehab Center Closes Its Doors

It is with heavy hearts we announce the closure of Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. We have exhausted resources following the domino effect of recent closures of other high-volume Colorado wildlife rehab facilities.  In 2016, EWRC cared for the most wildlife … Continue reading

If you have wildlife that need help

Please be aware that possessing wildlife is against State and federal law. Please also be aware that wildlife can carry diseases and you should use precautions including wearing gloves and minimal handling. Don’t show-and-tell the animals to friends, family and … Continue reading

Find a Squirrel? Here’s What to Do

This time of year, dozens of people in our area are finding squirrels on the ground. Some are babies, some are juveniles. Some are truly orphaned, while others are learning from their mom and look orphaned when really, they’re not. … Continue reading