Baby Squirrels

If baby appears healthy and unhurt and you know where the nest is and the nest can be reached safely, wear gloves, cover baby with light cloth and gently put back in nest.

If you can’t put the baby back in its nest:

1. Prepare a shallow box (a shoe box, for example) with flannel or a piece of fleece.

2. Provide it with a little warmth: microwave a wet washcloth to heat, place it in a Ziploc bag and place it UNDER the flannel or fleece. Scrunch the flannel or fleece around baby.

3. Place box outside where you found the baby or you suspect the nest is. Protect from sun or precipitation with piece of cardboard laid at a slant against side of box.

This squirrel suffers from abscesses on her face and neck.  She's been treated by the vet.

This squirrel suffers from abscesses on her face and neck. She’s been treated by the vet.

4. KEEP PETS AND CHILDREN AWAY AND REMAIN OUT OF SIGHT.  Give mother 4-6 hrs. to retrieve baby. If mother does not retrieve after 6 hours or so, it’s a good chance that baby is orphaned and needs to come into rehab (see below).

If you see blood or bruises, if baby has been handled by dog or cat or children, is thin and weak, has ants or visible parasites crawling on it, is shivering or vomiting, drawing attention to itself by high-pitched “pheep” or running up to humans:

1. KEEP PETS AND CHILDREN AWAY. Call Aurora at 719-392-7122, Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at 719.683.8152, or the Animal Emergency Care Clinic North 719.260.7141.

2. Meanwhile, prepare a shallow box (shoe box is perfect) as described above, but box will need to be covered, so PUNCH AIR HOLES IN LID BEFORE PLACING BABY INSIDE.

3. Be sure to provide supplemental heat source: you can place box half on, half off heating pad set on “Low”, if available. Wear gloves when handling baby. Keep box in warm, quiet place until help arrives.  DO NOT GIVE FOOD OR WATER.

4. Wash hands after contact with animal.


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