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Ellicott Wildlife Rehab Center Closes Its Doors

Sadly we must close Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center as of now. We cannot accept any animals in need of care due to financial and personal needs.

Find a Squirrel? Here’s What to Do

This time of year, dozens of people in our area are finding squirrels on the ground. Some are babies, some are juveniles. Some are truly orphaned, while others are learning from their mom and look orphaned when really, they’re not. … Continue reading

Leave the Fawns ALONE!!!!!

Unless you SEE A DEAD MOTHER by her fawn, chances are the fawn is FINE, whether in your back yard, front porch, under your car, in a ditch, in a courtyard at work, etc.  LEAVE THE FAWN ALONE!  Mom doesn’t … Continue reading

You Can Help the Bluebirds

People are always asking us what they can do that makes a “real” difference in helping wildlife in their own back yard.  There are many, many things you can do.  How about helping the bluebirds this year?  You can help … Continue reading