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Find a Squirrel? Here’s What to Do

This time of year, dozens of people in our area are finding squirrels on the ground. Some are babies, some are juveniles. Some are truly orphaned, while others are learning from their mom and look orphaned when really, they’re not. … Continue reading

Walk/Run for Wildlife 2014

A new way to support wildlife in rehab–enjoy a walk or run in Fountain Creek Regional Park! Sunday, April 6, 2014, from 1:00 to 4:00pm, Duckwood Active Use Area. Find EWRC registration at the pavilion, then walk or run to … Continue reading

Ferruginous Hawk Rescued, Rehabbed, Released

Not all stories have happy endings but this one does. “Bruce”, a Ferruginous Hawk, was hit by a car in Ellicott several weeks ago while eating a rabbit at the side of the road. His mate, we believe, watched as … Continue reading

Baby Shower!

Spring has arrived in Colorado and our busy season is here. We expect more than 600 wild babies, orphaned or injured, to come to EWRC this spring. In early March we received the first baby squirrel and in the coming weeks we expect orphaned owls, hummingbirds, hawks, foxes, coyotes and rabbits to come our way. WE NEED DONATIONS to help with the baby shower!

Fabian the Golden Eagle

A Golden Eagle came to rehab after suffering some broken flight feathers and an attack by a flock of ravens.  Fabian is doing well and we await the regrowth of new flight feathers before returning him home to Cripple Creek.

Screech Owl Rescued by Student!

Stevie was sitting on campus last night when a tiny owl suddenly appeared right beside her, followed by a big cat!

Swallows and Nests Destroyed by Adults

This is a sad story about swallows. Typically baby swallows come to rehab due to kids destroying nests deliberately for “fun.” This story is particularly disgusting because the perps are adults who took a metal pipe to the nests full … Continue reading

What’s New at EWRC

The Waldo Canyon Fire is finally out but its effects are long-lasting and far-reaching, including in terms of wildlife intake at EWRC.  You can help by donating to help feed and care for critters in wildlife at EWRC, either by … Continue reading

Waldo Canyon Fire Critters in Rehab

The fire (and heat) continues to send injured adults and orphaned babies to rehab at EWRC.  You can help by donating toward their food and care.  Rehabber Aurora shares pix of a few of her refugees. One of several baby 13-lined … Continue reading

Heat and Smoke Continue to Affect Wildlife

Searing heat and pervasive smoke continue to increase our arrivals to rehab. They are arriving to rehab stressed, exhausted, full of smoke inside and out, and extremely dehydrated. Many of you are contacting us to ask how you can help, … Continue reading