The Beginning

The beginning of something amazing…

Hey Ya’ll!

My name is Vanessa and I’m the face behind the blog! This is my first post so I won’t go into anything too in-depth here (just starting this all up right now), but I’ll give you some basic information about me just on the off chance that anyone is reading this.

As you probably got already, my name is Vanessa, and the purpose of this blog is to discuss my passions. To really get what those are though, we’ll have to go into a bit of backstory, so strap in, get ready, and here we go!

The start

I was born in Ellicottville, NY (where I spent most of my childhood) and moved out to Amherst when I was 15. Since then, I have lived in and around Buffalo, graduated from the University of Buffalo (UB), and have pursued a career as a veterinarian and serial DIY home improvement enthusiast.

I live out in Williamsville now, and am looking at starting a family potentially (right now it’s just me and my cat – Mittens). I absolutely love the Buffalo area, and will be blogging about all sorts of stuff related to Western New York.

From home improvement tips, to fun restaurants and great bars, I’ll be covering everything here!

The end (but not really)

Sorry this post is super short, but like I said, I want to save the detailed stuff for content later on!

I plan on building out this site to make it look much better, so please don’t be put off by that (it’s my latest DIY project)!

Looking forward to connecting with some great people and sharing my thoughts and inspirations with the world!

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